Tenth Muse, Vital Signs, Vital Illusions



Free Me!
I am in here.
Can’t you see?
I am in here.
Can’t you hear?
I’m here.
It’s me
touch me.
Can’t you feel?
Free Me!
I am real.

The craggy lines
that’s my wrinkled face
You can make it smooth.
Sharp chisel imagination
for splitting stone
Rhythmic, controlled strokes
Wipe my dust from your eyes.
Can you begin to see me?
I am in here.

Turn, turn
the tool of compassion
Each blow quick, whisper-even
Blow away the dust of doubt.
Trust yourself.
Can you hear me breathe?
I am here.
It’s me.

Crease gently
my hardened skin.
Reinforcing, shaping impact
There’s the lines.
There’s the texture.
Form refined
I am emerging.
Touch me.
Can you feel me?
Redefining rasps and rifflers
Inspired, sweeping motion
Emery words infuse the light
Features, folds, hair

Identity revealed:

I am David and the stone
that slew Goliath.
If there is enough of me,
Find his head
Place it at my feet.
If not, no matter
Victory is no less sweet.
I need no Donatello
You have sculpt me with your eyes
Young “Michelangelo”,
Can you see my beauty , now?

You have won the prize;
Not glitter gold
Nor, quick silver fame
I am here.
We are free.
You have won Life’s game.

Pepin, WI



2 responses

  1. John Howard Wolf

    John, John and Teresa here, answering this way. I finally found and opened the wordpress site, see the stature you were basing the poem on. Valiant effort and very effective, well-focused – abraços

    November 11, 2012 at 4:24 pm

  2. Thanks to each and everyone who takes the time to read, experience and comment. jlb

    November 14, 2012 at 6:08 pm

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