Tenth Muse, Vital Signs, Vital Illusions

Vital Signs: “Back To The Beauty”

Photo: John Howard Wolf

The air on the fifty first floor was rarefied
 The haven overlooking the world of commerce
. The destiny many had dreamed about. 
He had achieved.
 Some had put aspirations into action
 they had fought the bloody competitive wars
But had to settle for lower floors. 
Less prestigious command posts.
 Only the chosen few were granted his audience. 
They were mesmerized like a cult recruit
In the presence of the all knowing. 
They felt intimidated by dogmatic subtext
. In awe of the unacknowledged cosmic view. 
He focused only on the encounter at hand. 
One left mumbling a cryptic mantra
. Fully converted to an incomprehensible cause. 
Then, would he swivel
. Not to witness the consequences of his power. 
Rather, to see his image superimposed
on the realm he benignly ruled. -John L. Barbetta


One response

  1. Thank you for your inerest and encouragement. Let us never turn our back to the beauty.

    November 29, 2012 at 6:39 pm

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