Tenth Muse, Vital Signs, Vital Illusions


I am a retired professor of performing arts, theater in education, dramatic literature and indisplinary projects.I am Founding Executive Director of Emerson College’s European program,Kasteel Well, The Netherlands. I have been honored to receive Regional and multi- National Grants for my work in theatre, theater in education, historical dramas as writer/director. My poetry has been published and performed at any number of local and European venues. Barbetta-Tenth Muse, “the passionate dance of poetry and music,” debuted at the Sofitel Minneapolis. We then had the pleasure to perform selected works at the iconic Shakespeare and Company, Paris.

The reviews from David Applefield, editor/publisher of Paris based international literary magazine, FRANK, were heartening. Other crtitiques and reader/listener comments can be found on the Barbetta-Tenth Muse web site.

The newest project, Vital Signs, has been chosen for publication and e book release by Kiwai Media, Inc., Paris.

Appearances locally and in Europe are planned. A follow on project is already in progress.

“Tenth Muse” has a singular goal: to inspire. It will challenge the listener / reader / thinker to reflect, to envision, to participate. The nine Muses of ancient Greek mythology were seen as the source of inspired written and spontaneous poetry and music. Mousa is a common Greek noun signifying, not only a type of goddess, it literally means “song” or “poem”. To carry a mousa is “to sing a song”. This is our mousa. This collection of music and poetry is our song. Our uncompromising hope is that you might take time to, not just listen, but feel. May we all become aware of the wonders all around us. May that awareness fill our lives with joy. May our minds be moved to thoughts of peace. Our hearts compel us to acts of love. May you become for others “The Tenth Muse”.

The lofty goals and objectives: Vital Signs

Objectives: To reveal the value and beauty of humanity and nature which often go unnoticed, unacknowledged. To strengthen empathic response in the minds, and hearts of the audience. To compel all who become aware of our work to thoughts of peace and acts of love. To optimize our awareness of what it means to be human. Super objective: To contribute to the creation of the more just, peaceful, loving world of which we sometimes dream. We will keep you posted on the progress.


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